What is it? Edit

Cauldrons are the new way to craft items/custom items.

How do I use it? Edit

Cauldrons must be setup by placing igniting a block and having a Cauldron above that with water filled to the top. It is recommended that the block that is ignited is netherrack. Brewing requires that the order in which items are dropped into the Cauldron to correspond with the order that is stated in the brewing recipe.

What are some properties of Cauldrons? Edit

They have a maximum capacity of three stacks of storage. They require a water refill on some interactions. The fire underneath the Cauldron needs to be re-lit every time a player uses the Cauldron to brew. There is a 10% chance for the cauldron to blow up every time a player brews using a cauldron.

Items Extension Description Recipe Success Rate Waste (Only produced if brewing fails)
Storage Disc Storage Items Allows the storage of XP and Items.
  1. Glass Bottle (Source: Witch)
  2. Music Disc
100% N/A
HP Logger HP Items Allows the addition of additional HP.
  1. Glass Bottle (Source: Witch)
  2. Redstone (Source: Witch)
  3. Mycelium
  1. Glass Bottle
  2. Redstone
  3. Dirt
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