What is a storage disc? Edit

Storage Discs allow the storage of XP and items.

How do you use it? Edit

To use a Storage Disc to store XP you must drop a Storage Disc with available memory into a completely setup Cauldron. Than to put XP into the Storage Disc you must step on the Cauldron while holding sneak, and to get XP out of the Storage Disc you must step on the Cauldron without holding sneak.

How does it work? Edit

The amount of item stored is based on the algorithm (1000/(64*15)). The 1000 refers to the stock amount of Total Memory that Storage Discs have when they are first brewed without any upgrades and the 64 refers to the max items of that type that can be stacked. So an example for snowballs with a server that has the stock Total Memory for Storage Discs set to 1000 bytes the algorithm would look like this: (1000/(16*15)). This mean that one snowball would take up 4 bytes if data on a Storage Disc.

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